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Our Team

We love building products for you

paul leblanc

master trainer

Paul Leblanc is a DLE Master 

trainer and has over 25 years 

of training experience in 

police dogs, protection, 

narcotics, search and rescue 

and much more. Paul's 

experience far surpasses most 

trainers in the country. He 

also contracts dogs all over 

the country for police work 

and narcotic searches.

Coty sequra

decoy / asst. trainer

Coty has been working with 

the team serving as a 

qualified decoy and assistant 

trainer for over 9 years. Coty's 

experience in handling 

different dogs and different 

breeds are greatly utilized in 

LAK9's obedience and 

advanced obedience classes.

Elliot Leleux

Assistant trainer

Elliot has been handling and 

training dogs since he was 8 

years old and currently serves 

as an officer for the city of 

Abbeville. He currently serves 

as an assistant trainer for 

personal protection, 

obedience and narcotics.